At Doctolib, every software engineer is fullstack. While we do have design engineers, having a good understanding of CSS is a key to being more comfortable with frontend tasks. But CSS is not like your favorite Turing complete programming language. A CSS “bug” is silent despite being ugly on the screen. Unlike in a programming language, no stack trace nor error name to google! Knowing the building blocks of css is a must to improve your frontend skills. Here are some of the most important ones you should know.

Cascade, specificity and inheritance

This should be straight forward material (don't forget to play with…

At Doctolib, and many other places in the tech industry, we use React intensively. We are also happy to welcome enthusiastic people new to the stack. But jumping straight into React can be daunting if you only know that javascript is dynamically typed, or think that javascript is like any other OO programming language such as Java, C# or C++ (which it isn’t really). As React is just plain javascript at its core, having a good grasp in modern (ES6) Javascript will give you a solid foundation for the former. …


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